Left a message on Sunday, arrived on Monday!

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After finding this company through Angie’s list and reading the excellent reviews, finding a coupon offered and noting they were within 15 miles of my home, I left a message on a Sunday, asking for them to contact me to arrange an appointment.

Early Monday, I received a voice mail from their contact suggesting a same day, Monday afternoon repair appointment. The installer arrived promptly, was very professional, quickly replacing the broken springs, providing a garage door an opener assessment and lubricated the door. Finding all else in good shape, he quickly completed paperwork.

An outstanding service company, providing amazingly quick service and repair in a very professional manner, even providing an online coupon. Highly rated and would highly recommend them. I have a relative with a broken garage door and am scheduling an estimate on this ASAP.

Don S. Hampshire, IL 60140 April 16, 2015