Couldn’t ask for better service!

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My garage pretty much self-destructed. Because the torsion springs were never re-adjusted in probably 12 years, all the garage weight was being pulled by the opener. The internal nylon gears on the motor stripped. I called at 7am, they were able to come out that afternoon. Within about 10-15 minutes he already had the thing fixed (no springs to replace). Since he was so quick, I asked what it would cost to install my opener and whether or not he could fit the install in his schedule today (it’s 20 degrees outside in december so it’s worth paying to have it installed). It was $150 to install the craftsman I bought (Sears was going to charge $130, but he also upgraded the support rails to thicker stronger material).

In 90 minutes he was done with the installation, including adjusting the force and stopping points. He recommended I oil all the contacts points again with some 10W30 oil in a couple months, and also when it warms back up that I stop by and get a replacement rubber strip for the bottom of the door for $28 (there is a gap on one side of the door). All in all, Couldn’t ask for better service!

Joe Z. Algonquin, IL April 16, 2015